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Our Method and Philosophy

Our work is grounded in our commitment and belief in continuously practicing to achieve the change that we desire to observe in ourselves, our world, and our organizations. When collaborating with Living Change, you can expect us to adhere to the following values, as well as to dedicate ourselves to comprehending your unique challenges.


We operate from a place of curiosity and inquiry to move us toward transformative change.


We build practices to move beyond existing modes of thinking and actively envision what our future holds.


We draw on the momentum of the continuous evolution and lived experiences of a range of people and organizations for transformation.

Universal Collectivity

We acknowledge and celebrate the multiplicity and intersectionality of those around us.

Liberatory Consciousness*

We build behaviors and systems that actively seek to build a just society.


*Coined by Dr. Barbara J. Love, “Liberatory consciousness is reclaiming choice in our values, attitudes, and response patterns that would allow for “greater flexibility and propensity for change” from systems & institutions.” definition source Leadership for Educational Equity

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