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About Kristell Caballero Saucedo, Founder & Principal, Living Change 

Through her coaching and consulting practice at Living Change, Kristell embodies her purpose of helping individuals and organizations identify and harness their power and individual agency to bring about change. Her passion for coaching has been evident in her experiences living and working in different countries across the globe, as well as in her work within diverse sectors such as philanthropy, non-profit organizations, and government, all alongside individuals who prioritize justice.


Throughout her interactions with clients, she has discovered that reluctance and discomfort often accompany the path of growth, even when individuals and organizations are aware of the personal and collective advantages that come with embracing what may seem uncomfortable or intimidating. Similar to her experiences as an athlete, neglecting discipline or a willingness to practice proper technique when stepping into the gym can lead to the risk of injury or inefficiency.

She is in the coaching and consulting field to assist individuals in fully committing to the growth process, allowing them to discover the joy that comes with it, as she understands the challenges and discomfort that it entails.


Kristell is fully dedicated to promoting social change and personal transformation through a comprehensive analysis of global and intersectionality issues. She previously oversaw the development of cultural capabilities at the Equity Office of the United States Pharmacopeia, and served as the Program Officer for Racial Equity Initiatives at Borealis Philanthropy. 


In addition to her extensive experience in capacity-building, equity, and philanthropy work, she has also focused her efforts on non-formal anti-racist education in Europe. This work was carried out at Phiren Amenca, an International Roma Rights organization based in Hungary. Kristell has successfully completed various fellowships such as the National Urban Fellowship, Hispanics in Philanthropy Leadership Fellowship, Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellowship, and the New Sector Alliance Fellowship.

We believe that partnership is key to transformation.

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