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Our consulting services aim to inspire organizations to go beyond the limitations of their current thinking and envision a more vibrant and intricate future for their work. With a strong emphasis on empowerment, we assist teams and individuals in recognizing their roles in transformative endeavors, allowing them to utilize their distinct knowledge, expertise, and resources effectively.


As a partner, we dedicate the necessary time to understand your organization's specific context and culture. We consider both the systemic and human aspects of your organization, which can either hinder or facilitate transformation. Our goal is to facilitate a shift from mere words to tangible actions.

We can work together along the realms of: 

Building Organizational Culture

We co-create strategies to help groups become organizations with the ability to navigate challenges and opportunities related to growth. We can be your thought partners in:

  • Curating culturally appropriate capacity-building programming

  • Building transparency with leadership and team 

  • Advancing growth at all levels of the organization

Strategy Design and Implementation

We introduce innovative frameworks and tools to help groups think outside of their normal ways to achieve their goals. We can support you in:

  • Cultivating a network that aligns with your values and mission

  • Designing community-centered grantmaking strategies grounded in racial equity

  • Strategically evaluating learning and impact of work

  • Conducting best practices research and impact analysis

Learning and Development

We believe the development and growth of organizational leaders have to be an essential strategy in growing and strengthening our societies. We can support you in developing tools and frameworks for:


  • Managing major change initiatives

  • Developing racial equity learning experiences to transform institutional and individual practices

Policy Analysis

We believe that groups need to continually evaluate their strategies on a systemic level and anticipate opportunities in order to reach higher levels of impact. We support organizations in:

  • Conducting research on public policies and programs to ensure alignment with organizational objectives

  • Evaluating program effectiveness and policy impact

 Is your organization ready to embrace transformation? 

Let’s discuss your challenges and opportunities. Click the button below to set up a free 20-minute consultation or fill out this form, if you have questions.



"We hired Kristell to teach a Social Justice Series (3 classes of 1.5 hours each) for Minneapolis Community Education. She was very easy to work with and responsive to questions throughout the planning and the implementation of the classes. I was impressed with her knowledge and preparation, her academic grounding, and her ability to clearly explain terms and concepts to our participants.  Kristell is particularly friendly and had a very good rapport with her audience. I was also very pleased with her follow through after the class was finished.  She went out of her way to provide closure and additional materials for the class participants. I would hire Kristell again to teach another Social Justice series or to present social justice professional development workshops for our Minneapolis Community Education staff.”

Jane Greenberg | Coordinator, Minneapolis Community Education

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