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Living Change 

Transformation as a living practice

Who We Are


As individuals, we often underestimate the potential of our minds and downplay our own abilities, influence, and agency when it comes to personal growth and making a difference in society.


Living Change is a coaching and consulting firm that is owned by a woman and a proud member of the Colmena Collective. Our main goal is to empower both individuals and organizations to go beyond overthinking and to take concrete actions. We provide the necessary support and guidance to help you embrace transformative changes. Our team is dedicated to helping you identify and act upon the changes you desire. Our aim is for you to approach the world with confidence and purpose in how you present yourself.

We provide a curated environment dedicated to self-exploration, personal growth, and conscious understanding. Through our partnership, we assist you in gaining clarity on implementing changes for personal and collective liberation, as well as developing new operational frameworks.


Our extensive network of clients represents various sectors, such as philanthropy, nonprofit organizations, corporate entities, and public sector agencies. We cater to clients both domestically and internationally.


Based on the principle of inherent power, we assist individuals and organizations in harnessing their personal agency to initiate positive change within themselves and the communities they belong to.

We provide a secure and empowering environment to navigate the challenges and uncertainties of transformation through personalized coaching and consulting services for organizations.



If you feel like your current mental models are holding you back from making a change in your life, work with us 1:1 to create a strategy to transform your practices and help you make more informed and confident decisions.



We believe that self-awareness and an outside perspective are often helpful in creating organizational change. Work with us to develop learning and organizational frameworks and design strategies that lead to more systemic change.



This workshop supports participants in developing new tools to stay rooted in who they are and what they value to engage in more effective and humanizing conversations across layers of power and privilege.

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About the Founder

Kristell Caballero Saucedo is an experienced professional with over a decade of expertise in strategy development, research, coaching, and facilitating. She is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in harnessing their personal agency through the practice of transformation. Having lived and worked in various parts of the world, her perspective on change is informed by the diverse communities she has been a part of.


Kristell holds a master's degree in Policy Management from Georgetown University, a Change Management certification from Cornell University, and a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Spanish from St. Olaf College. She also had the honor of being a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico, where her research focused on advocating for Afro-Mexican rights.




"Kristell's deep and inherent racial equity analysis provides you with the confidence and strategy to do the difficult personal transformative work she promises. Her coaching approach is so effective because she not only poses thoughtful and challenging questions to encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone, but she also seamlessly adapts to your learning and thought process.


Kristell's affectionate energy and jubilant attitude will support and inspire you to reach your goals."

Laura Lemus | Associate Director, Hispanics in Philanthropy

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